My father and William, 1998 New Marlborough Cemetery Friday, 1st September 'The unconscious is where most of the work of the mind gets done; it's the »

Life Goes On

Freiberg, Saxony Friday, 18 August As the paucity of recent postings indicates, I have not been a bundle of creative energy these last months. The sense »

Spider Dog

"Stop writing that bloody blog." Friday, 14 July We've just passed the six-month mark since Tasha arrived in our life so I have been thinking about »

In Memoriam

Friday, 23 June In April my mother was hospitalized, once, then twice. Her health had been declining steadily for some years. Osteoporosis had reduced her from »

Lessons for Living

Friday, 28 April “Have you done any yoga?” asked Anna, the dog coach, as we sat around our living room for the first session. We had »