In the Shadow of Tomorrow

Friday, 8 December The vice of winter is tightening. In Berlin today the sun will come up at 8.04 and will go down at 15. »

Giving Thanks

Friday, 24 November Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US but it felt very far away here in Berlin. Beyond the fact it was a normal work »

This Good Old World

Friday, 10 November People often ask me why I like living in Europe. Usually my answer is a rambling, vague discourse that ends with an I-just-do »

Changing Perspectives

Onion dome of the new Russian Orthodox Church, seen from the quayside Friday, 13 October Because the world is uncertain enough as is, I generally dislike »

Exponential Living

Starting small: Georgina, William, Christopher at Victoria's wedding to Antony, 1996 Friday, 29 September “Once you start with the international thing,” my friend Victoria W said, »