En Famille

(needlepoint portrait by Catharine M) Friday, 28 December It has been almost two years since Tasha crash-landed into our life. But since we were in India »

Laws of Nature

Friday, 30 November It's a law of nature: if you are down, someone else around you will be up. As readers of my last blog will »

Whispers of Mortality

Friday, 9 November I am returning from an unexpected sabbatical. It started with nine days in Berlin’s Charité hospital. Oddly the notification came at another »

Sharing Not Caring

Friday, 5 October Paris is under siege. It often is in September-October. The traffic is terrible. Disgruntled workers, back from a month’s holiday, start striking »


Friday, 21 September Writers block is bad news for a writer but a much more critical condition is affecting me at the moment: brain block. I »